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Ryan’s Garden

An extremely thoughtful fellow he is—he planted a Calla Lily bud (as photographed above) for me because he knows I love them!

Ryan of Little Giant is a bonsai, garden, and chef extraordinaire, and is one of my favorite people I have met in my four years living in Santa Cruz.  He has also inspired a lot of my own personal herb and plant growing collection and I felt his work was well-worth documenting to share with you all.   

As Summer Winds Down

The sun still beats down on my face, and the scent of sunscreen is still in full-effect.  I have been hoping for any sign of a sense of security, a sense of freedom, and the old free spirit I remember feeling as the wind blows through my hair.  

There was nothing.

Until today, when I remembered that my landlord is a landscape artist. A little birdie told me that I should take a peek in the garden.  And there it was—finally—a source of any inspiration at all. And my, my was it a source of inspiration!  Eucalyptus, fern, petunia, oak, pepper, and even grapes. The foliage of the gods! Perhaps there is a reason why I am here, and perhaps I need to take this all as a reason to take a short honeymoon from the stresses of life. 




Morning Light, Winter.

When the light arrives only between the hours of 8 and 2 in a sunken apartment, one truly appreciates the natural light of day.  The streaks of dew on the window tells us it’s a brisk morning.  I’ve grown to appreciate leaving my curtains open while I sleep—a tradition taken from a past love of mine—as this allows me to greet the billows of purples and oranges that the sunrise whisks on the sky.  After this happens, the morning can be greeted one of two ways: 1. I will rise, put on my glasses, put the kettle on to prepare coffee, and get a head start on the day’s news, or; 2. I thank mother Nature for her beauty and begin to drift off to sleep to greet a brighter blue.