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Ryan’s Garden

An extremely thoughtful fellow he is—he planted a Calla Lily bud (as photographed above) for me because he knows I love them!

Ryan of Little Giant is a bonsai, garden, and chef extraordinaire, and is one of my favorite people I have met in my four years living in Santa Cruz.  He has also inspired a lot of my own personal herb and plant growing collection and I felt his work was well-worth documenting to share with you all.   


A bit of garden picking for the day.  I forget how amazing California flora is sometimes—we are truly spoiled here with all of our greenery and warm weather.  I’m inspired by all of this grassy goodness and woodsy looking Coreopsis lately and couldn’t help but run outside with flower shears and a bucket and come back full of weedy, earthy little things.

This has been a segment of “Not Your Grandmother’s Blog” with guest stars Doilies and Floral Dresses.  Which reminds me, I need another floral dress like a hole in the head, so perhaps this whole fall weather thing that hopefully happens soon will inspire me to cut that out.