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Sometimes, life likes to throw us all a bone and, well, make us feel like dimwits for feeling awful about our situations in the first place.  More on that later, when things are a little more set in stone and I’m (hopefully) not kicking myself in the shin for jumping the gun.  Also, how many non-literal sayings can I put into two sentences?

Just know that I am in a good place this week, and I am incredibly thankful for my friends who have kept me up when I couldn’t see anything but the deep dark hole I had already dug myself. 

In other (unrelated) news, a fun fact about me: When I came out of the womb twenty-something years ago, the doctors had to run tests on me because I came out so gosh darned white.  They returned me to my ma, and said “Welp, you’ve just got a very white child.”  What I’m getting at is: I spent all day in the sun making a bazillion under-priced arrangements, and it’s not a pretty sight. 

Californians like to use the derogatory term, “Indian Summer” to describe what is the less-derogatory term “late summer”, and that should probably be changed in the minds of every Californian on the planet.  In any case, I’m enjoying the LATE SUMMER we are having even though berries and peaches are out of sight at the markets and the sun is rising well after I get up for work, but hopefully by the end of our LATE SUMMER, I will welcome Fall weather and an extra hour of sleep with open arms.