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I’ll admit: I’ve got many a Valentine today.  Coffee included in this said list. 

My good friend was able to hook me up with some local coffee yesterday.  And sweet mother of pearl, I opened the container today and I probably could have skipped the French-Pressing part of the preparation and gone straight for consumption because it smelt so wonderful.

Joe and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday because this week is extremely busy for the both of us.  So I picked up a few things and headed straight for his house, where I would begin preparing a surprise dinner for him (If you’re wondering, this included Gluten-Free Fettuccine Alfredo, Balsalmic Roasted Parsnips and Carrots, and some homemade Gluten-Free Donuts for dessert).  It was around 8:45pm when I’d finished cooking, with 1/3 of a bottle of wine consumed,  and still no sign of the guy.  Turns out, he’d been waiting to surprise me at my house for about a half an hour.  Silly us.  Anyhow, we sorted this out— fettuccine slightly cold—but still very delicious. 

Hoping everybody is having a wonderful day.